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Working with a Distributor adds cost
Working with a distributor actually saves you time and money.My service is free to you.Rather than spending hours researching promotional items or worse playing an employee to research, let me do the work for you.

3 Keys is female owned and operated with 10 years’ experience as a solution based, complete marketing company. Registered as a MWBE/SBE, WBENC and WOSB certified company, 3 Keys helps you satisfy diversity requirements as well.

3 Keys has access to a wide variety of suppliers with over 1 million products available. As a member of ASI and PPAI, 3 Keys has both national and international capabilities on sourcing and completion. As a creative and object source, we at 3 Keys help you to decide your next move utilizing our years of experience and depth of resources – be it promotional products, print, video, client and employee gifts and so much more to create your message and tell your story.

We at 3 Keys respect your time and budget to get you the most and best – all the while monitoring the process to a successful completion. Let us help you grow your business through creative and memorable product marketing.


Look around you – on your desk, in your purse or briefcase – look in your breakroom or your kitchen at home. How many promotional products can you find? A magnet from your dentist? A pen from your bank? A tote bag from a conference you attended last year that is now used to haul coloring books/crayons? A wind jacket or golf balls from a company outing? I ask you to take this challenge to underscore that PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS are still an effective way to motivate and influence behavior in end-users

The following is a list of the top five ways promotional products can, and do, influence the way end-users behave:

  • 82% will take a survey to gain a promotional product.
  • 70.6% of end-users will go to a booth at a tradeshow.
  • 41.8% will “LIKE” a company on Facebook or post a Tweet on Twitter.
  • 33.2% will buy the “gift” with purchase.
  • 27.7% will make a positive post about the company on a social networking site.

What makes me different?

  • Deep search engine – able to cross search suppliers for the best pricing.
  • Always check closeouts and sales first.
  • A-Z service – from inception to delivery.
  • Present fresh and current market trends and focus on whats hot in the promo marketplace.
  • I want to be apart of your marketing team– I frequently attend planning meetings for my clients wherein I offer ideas and case studies, take notes and then take that info back to my office for


3 Keys Promotional Products can offer company store branded merchandise and corporate apparel programs; trade show traffic building programs; sales and purchase incentives; product launches, employee recognition, business gifts — both high end and high volume. Commonly branded merchandise include Apparel, Writing Instruments, Business Accessories, Drinkware, Totes and Bags; as well as Gifts and Commemorative items (however, the array of accessible products is not limited to items listed).


At 3 Keys, we concentrate on the Solution or the Sum of your goals.Read More


At 3 Keys, we concentrate on the Solution or the Sum of your goals.Read More


At 3 Keys, we concentrate on the Solution or the Sum of your goals.Read More


At 3 Keys, we concentrate on the Solution or the Sum of your goals. Let’s face it, business is tough today. Something has to set you apart from your competition. Networking has become the way to do business – when you meet with a potential customer, are you positive you made a lasting impression? Will they remember a single word you say? Sure you gave them a business card, perhaps even a brochure, both of which can easily be tossed. What if you left a small token that is useful or sits on their desk where your company logo or brand is in plain site?


Just as creating a connection with your clients and prospect is vital, so is retention of key employees. Promotional Products are important to Employee Retention too. Ways to use PP would include Awards and Gifts -something as simple as celebrating an employee anniversary with a nice gift can create a feeling of loyalty and result in retention.


Promotional Products are commonly used in sales incentive programs to reward your high producers.


Drive foot traffic to your booth with a cool inexpensive giveaway.


Apparel is also a great way to create a feeling of comfort and reliability as it give a finished look