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3 Keys is a small, female owned business which satisfies diversity requirements.

I don’t have to sacrifice competitive pricing and limited options because I’m small. I have access to over 1500 different suppliers and over 750,000 products. I also have an extensive search engine that allows me to find even obscure products. My motto is “If I can’t find it – It’s not out there.”

I don’t want to be just an order taker. Sometimes a customer knows exactly what they want to order. In that case, I take the order and follow through from beginning to the delivery. However, most of the time, customers don’t really know what would be good. They often want something different to present. At this time, we talk about what are your objectives? Who’s your target audience? When is the product needed – even the season can make a difference? Is there a theme or message? Once I gather the information , I go to task researching and pulling together various products I think will meet your needs. Once the product is selected – I follow the order from start to finish. I handle any issues that may arise and keep you informed of updates. You don’t have to worry about it again – it’s my job to keep you informed.

Employees are working more with less time these days – does your employee really have the time to search the web, compile information and present ideas? I save you time and money by taking care of everything with the order.

Promotional Products range from large quantity small inexpensive items to low quantity high end products.